Devious Concoctions

Video Clips:

We’ve begun adding all out more recent videos to you tube, so check them out below or go directly to the collection by clicking here.

DC also offers all the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & our newest 2008 full length professionally edited, high quality, haunt videos for
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Below are clips from our previous years as well as from individual props.
The older videos require Real Player, and the 2003 & 2004 Videos all require Windows Media Player.
I recommend downloading the files to your desktop to optimize playback. To do so, right click and “save target”.

DC Cemetery
2001 (1)
Stump JumperMourner
(night shot)
Skeletal Organist
(Chest Cage)
Un-Dead Coffin
DC Cemetery
2001 (2)
Stump Jumper
(Night Shot)
Mourner (side shot)Skeletal Organist
(Glowing Organist)
Un-Dead Coffin
DC Cemetery
2001 (3)
Rocking ChairPop Out CorpseSkeletal Organist
(Night Shot)
Un-Dead Coffin
(Night Shot)
Un-Earthed CoffinRocking Chair 2Fog  

2003 Videos

Chained CoffinComputer ControlCrypt DwellerDescender
Corpse ExtenderGargoylesImproved MournerMourner Night Shot
ReaperThrashing DoorsUnearthed CoffinDrop Panel
 Pneumatic Organist  

2004 Videos

Chained CoffinIce Breaker
(Animated show with the reaper, cripple, and organist, singing Skinny Puppy’s “Icebreaker”)
POE Animated Pirate (mid construction) 

Client Videos 2009

Obelisk No FogObelisk w/ fog
Icebreaker (big file)