Devious Concoctions

The Bushwacker

In 2005 we had the Embalming Spitter which was a huge hit with the kids, but it really just didnt seem to fit the theme of the cemetery, although ironically we’re building a new one for 2006 since it was so missed. Anyways, for 2005 we knew we needed somethign that spit and would be in very close proximity with our fence. The bushwacker was our answer.

The bushwacker is a 3 action prop that first shakes its bushes before flinging them apart before lunging forward while spittimg a mist of water at our viewers. He worked flawlessly (mechanically) but in our tight time constraints, never performed to its potential. He’ll be back in 2006 in a better location with perfect programming.

Below are a few pictures of the little guy.