Devious Concoctions
What you will need:
holiday projector
2 4×6″ mirrors
1 piece of a 2×4 approx. 6″ long
1 20 rmp motor
1 8″ metal rod(same diameter as motor shaft)
6 8″ metal bars
1 long bolt (same thickness as the shaft and rod)
half sheet of 1/2-3/4″ MDF or plywood
wood glue
negative of ghost
misc. bolts, nuts and washers

This is a great project to create a rear fill behind your cemetery. This is almost exactly the same way that Disneyland projects their ghosts in their cemetery.

The first thing you need to do is build a box to house the entire project.

Once the box is built and painted you will need to take the holiday projector apart completely and mount it to the mounting braces. To make the mounting braces bend 4 of the metal bars into “L” shapes so they are 6″ high with a 2″ bottom. Take 2 of the braces and mount them to the projector tube with 1.5″ bolts.

Now take the 2X4 and drill it diagonally through the exact centerand mount the mirrors to each side. Now take the metal rod and thread it so you can connect the rod to the motor shaft. You will now need to thread the motor’s shaft and mount the motor to the last 2 braces so that the shaft is at exactly 5 inches.

Now you are ready to mount the rod to the motor shaft and put the projector back together. Once that is done, you are ready to mount everything into the box and test it out. Once everything runs smoothly, your will need to make a negative slide with a ghost image drawn or painted onto it. I recommend printing it out on a clear sheet of transparency paper. This way you print a bunch of them in the same time it would take to paint one.

After mounting the slide into the projector your ready to roll. The projector works best if it projects onto a sheer material such as bridal veil fabric. The transparent fabric will make the edges of the ghost disappear and make the ghosts look more natural.