Devious Concoctions
The Reaper V.2

The original version of the DC reaper was our first fully animated character and although we had a lot of constraints at the time of its construction, we always loved the look and feel of this bigger then life figure. As our fabrication techniques and technical abilities grew, the small areas we were not in love with gained attention.

In 2006 a new version of the reaper was started with no limitations. We took our time and went back to the drawing board on numerous occasions until we had a design that we felt was worth replacing the original crowd favorite. So after almost 2 years of sculpting and fabrication, the new DC reaper was born.

The new reaper was completely designed, sculpted, fabricated and animated by Brent and built from the ground up. We started by taking normal sized human proportions and increasing them by almost 200% creating a human like figure that is nearly 12′ tall. The next step was to sculpt a large head that was similar to the original Lubatti Designs “Ramses” mask, but with skeletal and old man features. The head alone is over 2′ tall and features left and right pan, forward tilt, blinking eyelids, and an animated mouth.

Our intention for this guy was also to have a very robotic animatronic that looks good dressed as well as cloak-less, so the only option was to have a steel frame work that mimicked a human form/skeleton.

In addition to a new size and more robotic look, the new version also includes a bunch of additional movements integrated with 5 way valves for more accurate and life like cylinder placement (stopping cylinders mid stroke) and integration of a high quality stereo system into his chest for more direct sound. There is also a large American DJ 1700 fogger with custom port piping that shoots a large blast of fog from the ground to just above the reapers head, creating a very cool backdrop for the reapers effect lighting. Another cool feature that we’ve been integrating into all of our more recent props is that it is 100% self contained, allowing for plug and play setup, saving us quite a bit of time during construction and demo.

Enough said, check out the pictures below to check out the new DC Grim Reaper.
Click here for a video of the 2007 Reaper in action. ….coming soon