Devious Concoctions

Lightning Window

Our lightning window was a simple fill prop to add some detail to our organist chambers, but at the same time throw a cool effect into the mix.The lightning window is made up of a simple 2 X 4 frame with a 3′ x 4′ plywood backing and a sheet of plexi glass across the front. The plexi glass is then covered by a 1″ x 1″ faux window frame with a decorative crown molding boarder.

The mechanics of the lightning window consist of a 1 channel light organ (kit 76) that is situated at the base of the window and runs up the left side of the frame and connects to a hard wired socket that houses a halogen flood bulb. The adjustment knob of the organ pertrudes thru the glass to provide easy adjustment, and the back plywood sheet is easilly removed to change bulbs if necessary.

For more information on the light organ and how its wired, check out our lighting effects page for more info and ordering instructions.


Full detailed instructions for building a DC Lightning Window are available in our 2nd DC Prop Builders Handbook.