Legal Disclaimer

DC’S Disclaimer

DC Design Studio is not responsible nor liable for any damage or injury caused by our designs and or mechanisms.
This includes but is not limited to: injury, bodily harm, property damage, and or death.

By purchasing anything from this site, the buyer assumes full responsibility and liability for use as he/she feels fit.

The mechanisms were designed with safety in mind, but misuse, improper setup (including mounting), and or modifications made to these mechanisms is not the responsibility of DC Design Studio, LLC.

We urge you to follow the directions of each of our mechanisms and never make any modifications without advise from our designers. Always treat the mechanisms as potential hazards, and never use nor display where direct contact may occur.

Lastly the props (non dc mechanisms) on this website and in our book(s) have not been tested for any safety standards or regulations.

Although the props are built with safety in mind, the end user of these mechanisms should use extreme caution when building as well as displaying most of the props in this site. Issues arising from use of these products, but be directed
to the manufacturer, not DC Design Studio. We will be glad to help in any way by providing you with necessary contact

Safety tips

1. When working with any type of power tools take the proper safety precautions to protect yourself from any
harm. Always wear gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, and earplugs whenever using these types of tool.

2. When setting up pneumatic props, never add air until the prop is mounted securely. When adding air, first
check that all tubing and fittings are mounted securely, then stand away from the prop and carefully connect
the valve to the air supply.

3. When working with pneumatics, always start with your air pressure low and your flow controls open to a
minimum then work up the pressure until you achieve the effect you are looking for. Also always disconnect
the air when working on or with one of these props. You never know when the solenoid may fire and it’s not
going to stop for your face or body parts.

4. When working with metal, use extra caution when removing metal burrs from the cuts and holes as well as when you are handling sharp edges of unfinished metal. Also metal will become very hot when you are grinding down the edges, so I suggest wearing welding gloves or using vise grips when handling hot metal.

5. Use proper respirators whenever using any spray and especially when using silicon spray and fiberglass resin. Although it may give you a buzz while working with these substances, the hangover and loss of brain cells is not worth it.

If you use common sense and protect yourself from harmful tools and chemicals, there should be no reason
that you can’t have year after year of haunting enjoyment with all of your fingers.



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