Devious Concoctions

The Headbanger

The headbanger is a prop we originally made for the walk through morgue in ’04, but has progressed throught the years to now a simple startle prop that appears static, but begins to make small noises before slamming its head into its bar’d window. A simple yet effective prop!

In ’06 he will broadcast a welcome to distract viewers from our new Catacomb reacher as well as remain a headbanging fool.

The headbanger consists of our Torso Erector that was permanantly mounted to a Ghost Ride flatback prop (I believe its called departed). Its controls consist of a Parallax Prop 1 micro controller, Parallax AP8 Audio Card, a Audio Source 5.25″ outdoor speaker, and misc electronics and pneumatic equipment. I guess in this stage of our haunt, nothing is really simple anymore.

Here are a few pictures of the Headbanger: