Devious Concoctions

Iron Cemetery Gates

In 2003 the DC Cemetery took on a new look with a full iron facade including the pre-existing cemetery fencing we had for the previous year, but this year we hacked off the existing finials and added real sharp pointy gothic ones. To add even more realism as well as get the dumb looking section of fencing out from underneath the old cemetery sign, a set of 10′ tall 12′ wide gates just seemed to be a necessity. So on came the project of building gates and a cemetery sign that would match as well as fit in with the existing fencing.

What came of that project was a new found hatred for a certain local metal fabrication shops (will remain nameless) and alot of work. In the end it was all worth while and DC had a brand new set of working (outward swinging) and locking gates that fit perfectly into the cemetery.

Below are a couple of pics of the construction and final application.