Devious Concoctions

Candy Man

Our candy man was primarily built to hand out candy as well as give the pain in the ass kids that empty the bowl (I use to be one of ’em) a good scare.

Unfortuanantly due to time constraints, he wasnt totally opperational on Halloween, but we got him dialed in on the first.

Anyways, the basics of this guy are that its a life size corpse with a fully articulated pneumatic head (our DC Animated skull kit) and custom voice track composed by Mike Fox at fox productions. The voice directs children towards his candy, but warns them to only take one piece. As the children reach into the bowl, a huge hand reaches out from behind and below the bowl and scares the pee out of em.

The Candy Man will be back in ’06 at the end of our DC Mortuary.

Here are a few pics of the candy man throughout construction and