Devious Concoctions

Barrel Creep

The barrel creep was created using a 55gal drum, 3 gallon high flow air cannon w/ resonator, a small fogger, and a hands and face pneumatic armature that is lit with a set of red lighted eyes and a strobe. The lid is finished off with a pneumatic lid that is raised and closed using an additional cylinder.

The basics for this prop is that it utilizes a Basic Stamp 1 that is triggered using a PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor that first triggers a fogger to fill the barrel with fog, then 2 seconds later, the lid rises, a strobe turns on, glowing red eyes are seen through the dense fog, then BANG!!!! off goes the air cannon and out comes the hands of an unseen creature. The fog bellows out of the drum, the hands retract, and the lid slowly lowers and waits for its next victim. The Stamp is programmed with a 2 minute cycle delay to allow for the fogger to recharge as well as prevent constant triggering and an overload of fog.

There was no no real use for this prop in our cemetery themed haunt, but we ended up using it in ’04 in our new walk through morgue.
Check out the pics below: