Devious Concoctions

Ankle Biter

The ankle biter is a basic scare tactic similar to an air cannons setup, but insted of the air being released from the valve into the atmosphere,
it is released for a longer duration into a large exit tube that has silicon whips inserted along its lenth.

We designed the DC ankle biter in 04, but ever actually had the oppertunity to install it in the DC Cemetery.

In ’05 we did install two sets of ankle biters in the walk through morgue. Originally it was desiged to opperate in conjunction with a green rope light and dense low flying fog. We got 90% of it down, but with the amount of visitors traveleing through the morgue, the fog rose too fast and ended up clouding up the room. In ’06, we’ll use the ankle ticklers again, but in different locations and without the aid of a rope light.