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Air Cannons

A high flow air cannon (3/4″ orface) is a startle prop for haunted house or fun house use.

When triggered the cannon delivers a huge very loud blast of air directed at your patrons feet that is guaranteed to startle even the most hard to scare viewers.

This air cannon is a great addition to any professional haunted house or home haunt and runs off of a standard 110v power source.

Instructions for use:
To use the air cannon, first fasten/secure the air cannon to the ground or a wall (it will move upon each fire), then hook the male compressor fitting (may need to be changed depending on what fittings you use) to your compressor with a female quick disconnect fitting and hose (not supplied), allow the tank to fill, and trigger.

To trigger the cannon, I suggest a 1 second power on, with the delay of your choice. These cannons will fire by plugging them into a standard 110v house hold socket, so there is only a need for the timers below if you want to automate the cannon.

There are many haunt controllers that will do this with ease, I recommend the following (all of which are available at the DC Prop Shop)

Sprawling Delusions Air Cannon Controller (best for use with 24V cannons)
Parallax Prop 1 Controller (best for use with 24V cannons)
Cowlacious Designs PET3 (best for use with 24V cannons)

Other Haunt controllers we dont carry:
Terror By Design UDT 2 or Puppetmaster (good luck trying to receive anything from Terror by Design though)

Full detailed instructions for building a High Flow DC air Cannon are available in our 2nd DC Prop Builders Handbook.

Quick Dump Air Cannons:

Mini Quick Dump Air Cannons: