Devious Concoctions

So whats the story behind Devious Concoctions?

Devious Concoctions emerged from the grave around 2000 when the creator, Brent Ross, became frustrated by the crap Halloween stores were putting out. Whether they were not available until October, not what he was looking for, cheap and unrealistic, or perfect but way out of the family budget for “Halloween”. This frustration turned Brent onto building props and a perfect example of “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Brent spent much of his free time (originally just in September and October) with this new hobby; tinkering with all forms of physical medias and countless years of trial and error practices in the search of advancing his prop building skills. Brent is truly a self taught builder learning by hands on experience and tips and techniques of fellow Halloween enthusiasts. Remember, there was no YouTube back then, so to learn skills you had to read physical paper books (yeah not websites if you can believe that) and get your hands dirty trying things that had never been done before (atleast not by a 19yr old kid in his parents garage).

Eventually the hobby became a year round obsession and spiraled from there with the creation of this website to document and share the tips and techniques he had learned for all other Halloween fanatics.

Hence the birth of Devious Concoctions!

There’s obviously a lot more to our backstory (which I will continue below) but if you’re here for the designs and tips, I’ll leave the intro short and sweet.

As we previously mentioned, this website was designed to share our designs, tips, techniques, and resources we’ve found helpful in creating our concoctions. This website (although much may be outdated) will hopefully aid you in the process of creating your own Devious Concoctions.

So bookmark or even set us as your home page and we will do our best to update the content with new projects so make sure to re-visit us as often as possible.

With that said, choose your path and enjoy your stay.

Devious Concoctions and the DC Cemetery

If you’re interested in the history and crew, keep on reading.

Well we weren’t just building this stuff and tossing it, and we didn’t just all of a sudden choose Halloween as our focal point.

My entire family always liked Halloween and as kids, my parents (Mike and Mary-Ann Ross), would always buy or make us some small item to increase our Halloween experience. In High School when the appeal of getting candy was overshadowed by making a cool display and scaring people, is when the bug really bit. Around 1990 our family started really decorating our front porch and year after year it grew larger and larger, before finally being sick of their 14 yr old son making the plans, my parents stepped aside and let me take over. Little did they know that a weekend a year project would soon develop into a year round hobby and a decade later into a award winning yard haunt. After moving from the front porch and into the driveway, we attempted our first walk thru. At only about 400′, there was a freshly dug grave in one small corner of my mom’s garden that just struck a cord and became the focal point and my favorite part of the display. There is just something about blending natural settings into a display, to set it over the top.

Now with Devious Concoctions evolving and our props getting more and more elaborate (and starting to move), we ran into the issue of protecting our visitors and our props. Coupling that issue with the love of the grave scene, the only logical next step was to officially name the haunt “The DC Cemetery”. I wont go too crazy describing the DC Cemetery here (especially since you can read all about it at (, but for when the “haunt industry” was really starting to get technical, we like to think that we were a part of that evolution (and since MANY of the top companies, haunt owners, and best display creators purchased our books, as well as worked with us on many projects in the past 20 years, I think we can honestly make that claim in full confidence.