So what to say about DC?

Devious Concoctions was created around 1996 when Brent Ross really started getting into prop building. It spiraled from there with the creation of this website to document and share the building process.

Hence the birth of Devious Concoctions!

Devious Concoctions (the name just kinda stuck since we were building devious concoctions) and was created with the haunt fanatic in mind in hopes of providing enough background information, plans, tips and techniques, to aid you in the design and creation of your own devious concoctions.

This website contains hundreds of tips, tricks, resources, and methods for use with an unlimited number of applications and design ideas.

This site is constantly being updated with new projects so make sure to bookmark and re-visit us as often as possible.

With that said, choose your path and enjoy your stay.

Also if you’re looking for unique high quality props for your own haunt check out our for sale section or our custom prop design website at

Meet the Team

Here are the brain children behind DC

Brent Ross

Mike Ross

Clayton Ross