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So what to say about myself and how Devious Concoctions came about?
I guess I’ll start with a little background on myself. My name is Brent Ross and upon writing this bio(2004), I am 27 years old, I’m an Industrial Design major and hopefully one day I will be able to apply my prop building knowledge into the film or television industry.I have always had a love for Halloween and props that were nonexistent or unavailable to myself, so the hobby of building props began.Around 1986 at 10 years old, I aided in setting up a local boy scout haunted house, and instantly fell in love with haunting. Soon after that experience viewing the passion I had (and still have), my parents started me out on my obsession by purchasing a black light and a skull for our Halloween display. Year after year, we built on our collection, until there was nothing that caught our attention at the local haunt shops. At that point prop design and construction was my only option.In regards to our haunt/display, our early years were basically what you would call a “normal” sized Halloween display, but I’ve never been someone who could stop at just being normal. So what went from a cauldron with some dry ice, a couple plastic skulls and some colored lights, soon went into tenting in our front porch with black plastic, and adding more elaborate sets. Year after year it got bigger and bigger until we ran out of space and had to move our haunt from the front porch and walkway to the side yard. A couple years later we were soon taking over the front yard and “borrowing” our neighbors side yard and driveway.
Around that time, Devious Concoctions was born, and soon after the DC Cemetery was erected. Our haunt spans approximately 60′ x 20′ which is technically nothing huge, but its definitely beyond your normal yard haunt.DC has gone from a simple yard haunt/display to a fully animated haunt with some of the most advanced props and control methods that “non-professional” and “non-profit” haunters can have.
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